Elaborations on planned mechanics to implement/improve

Lead artist, animator and lore builder here – shadow999999. If you read the last post here, you’d know NetGun has been updated in that the client and server files where merged.

Some possible ideas I've thought of for future updates are:

  1. Improve efficiency in packet usage
  2. A customisable respawn timer as a server administrators tool which could be used to stop any new joining players from spawning in (and obviously respawning).
  3. Physics configurability, like no max speed, acceleration and friction. Basically letting you choose between realistic and arcade like physics
  4. Setting special options on whichever player the server admin selects (e.g. changing one player’s health to be double but damage to be halved)
  5. Pausing and quick resetting the server


Q: Do you have other game projects?

A: Most definitely, but they may not see a release for a while.

Q: Will the music ever change?

A: Honestly, probably not. Music isn't our speciality.

Q: Will the game ever become more than just a simple arcade game?

A: No, this game is just a side project.

- shadow999999

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