A downloadable game for Windows

NetGun is a LAN multiplayer top-down "twin-stick" space shooter developed for a high school programming assignment to explore network programming.

Gameplay involves space ships turning and accelerating in a shared "arena" while firing lasers at the other space ships to destroy them with the incredibly original objective of being the last ship remaining.

WAN gameplay can be achieved via the use of port forwarding.

NetGun's main features are:

  • Various aspects of gameplay (ship speed, laser damage, etc.) can be adjusted on the server.
  • The amount of clients that are allowed to connect to the server, specified by the server operator, doesn't have an imposed maximum limit.

NetGun does have a known issue:

  • If a client attempts to connect to a server but there is no instance of the NetGun Server running at the target IP address and port, this failed connection attempt will freeze the client requiring it to be force-closed via Windows Task Manager.


  • In-game keyboard: W to apply thruster, A and D to turn, spacebar to fire.
  • In-game gamepad: Left stick up to apply thruster, right stick sideways to turn, and right trigger to fire.
  • Main Menu: Up and down arrow keys to scroll current list, left and right arrow keys to switch current list, enter to select (if applicable), standard letter and number keys to type in fields that can be typed in.
  • The escape key will disconnect the client from the server. On the server the escape key will disconnect all players without terminating the server if there are players connected or it will terminate the server if there are no connected players.

Install instructions

NetGun requires at least two running instances, one hosting a server and the other joining as a client, for gameplay with one functional player to occur. The one program can act as the server or a client but a server host instance cannot participate as a player, each player needs a separate instance joining as a client.


NetGun (v1.1.0.0) 9 MB

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